October 1, 2023

Best of September 2023

Best of September 2023

This month, embark on a journey through a diverse array of topics and genres, where the Culture Box Crew takes you on a unique exploration, touching on everything from nostalgic classics, bad movies, and thought-provoking anime episodes.

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The Cel Cast | Comm Talk | Playing Games With Strangers | Retro Rewind Podcast |Stunning and Brave

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Geek Devotions | The Rushmore Show


🎨 The Cel Cast

Jacob and Drew welcome back Nathan and Jimmy from The Monster Island Film Vault, to review an animated Titanic Movie featuring a Kaiju! Did I mention it's Bad Movie Month? They also Review the X-Men The Animated Series episodes "Family Ties" and "Bloodlines".

🤓 Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

Dallas and Celeste update everyone on our fundraisers, life, and more!

🎲 Playing Games With Strangers

Parents have been saved, a daughter has been found, and Callum’s ready to cross Kerrek off the list… but there’s still more to learn before that can happen.

📺 Retro Rewind Podcast

We continue to gather time travel data by re-reviewing Masters of the Universe to find out if it is still worth watching today

🤩 Stunning and Brave

Hey there. Still subscribed? Want some Stunning and Brave? Well, don’t get your hopes up. It’s not the same format. It’s not even the same hosts. But here’s some crap for you to consume. Eat up piggies! Oink oink! On this episode, Nate and special guest host Quandt share a story within a story! Nobody ends up winning in this situation.


🤓 Geek Devotions

In Episode 93 of the anime, Black Clover, we see King Julius Novachrono die defending his dream to see all people coming together. Yet even as he passed away he realized that portions of his dream were starting to come together. Why shouldn't we give up on our dreams? Join us as Celeste walks us through this question.

🗻 The Rushmore Show

Join us this week as we shift our focus to the electrifying world of running backs in the NFL. These gridiron gladiators have left an indelible mark on the sport, and in this episode, we'll explore their remarkable careers and the impact they've had on the game. Running Backs in the NFL: There's an undeniable mystique surrounding the iconic running backs who've graced the gridiron. From legends like Barry Sanders to powerhouses like Emmitt Smith, we dissect the careers of these rushing giants, sharing our top picks and exploring their impact on the game. Join us as we dive deep into the world of running backs, breaking down their incredible feats and debating who stands atop the running back Mount Rushmore. Get ready for a spirited conversation about the greatest running backs in football history!