September 30, 2022

Best of September 2022

Best of September 2022

This month doesn't just kick off another season but several "themed" months for the folks at Culture Box. Do you have a favorite theme? Check out our recommended bad movies or Sci Frights!

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The Cel Cast | Comm Talk | Retro Rewind Podcast

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Geek Devotions


🎨 The Cel Cast

Jacob and Drew continue in Bad Movie Month with Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

πŸ€“ Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

This week on Comm Talk by Geek Devotions; Dallas and Celeste sit down to reflect on some highlights from Geek'd Con 2022.

πŸ“Ί Retro Rewind Podcast

The RRP crew starts a new season of Sci-Frights by journeying back to the comedic macabre of the Addams Family. Listen to find out if there is anything of value in their Values.


πŸ€“ Geek Devotions

Stephen King recently released a new book called Fairy Tale that Celeste has been loving! In the book, however, you find a character who seems to think that he's not really someone who is worthy to be used even when it's clear that he's done some great things. How does Celeste address the question of "Can God Use Me?" Join us to find out!