January 31, 2022

Best of January 2022

Best of January 2022

Happy New Year and a Happy New Culture Box for you. Enjoy new podcasts in the new year!

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The Cel Cast | Comm Talk | Retro Rewind Podcast | Stunning and Brave | Untold Podcast


🎨 The Cel Cast

Jacob and Drew provide Reactions to Encanto! A little late but better than never!

πŸ€“ Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

This week on Comm Talk by Geek Devotions, John and Steve sit down for a special Primitive Rhythm Machine discussion about having discernment when it comes to deciding what music you should listen to. What factors should you consider when listening to music? Should you only listen to Christian music? Check out there thoughts.

πŸ“Ί Retro Rewind Podcast

Considered by many to be the best Mario Bros game, the third instalment on the NES is the target of the RRP Crew in this episode. Listen to find out if Super Mario Bros. 3 soars like a Tanooki, or just tanks.

🀩 Stunning & Brave

Nate feels like an idiot playing Guitar Hero. Chris decides to get fat for Christmas. Black people used to have wings. Someone on FB shares their STD journey. Mugs are problematic (especially Chris’).

πŸ“š Untold Podcast

When John accidentally knocks over a cross on a mausoleum, it unleashes . . . something.