February 28, 2022

Best of February 2022

Best of February 2022

Whether or not love is in the air for you this February, that air will still carry the soundwaves from this months collection of Culture Box Shows.

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The Cel Cast | Comm Talk | Retro Rewind Podcast | Stunning and Brave | Untold Podcast


🎨 The Cel Cast

Jacob and Drew welcome their guests Nathan Marchand and Jimmy from NASA into Studio B to review the 2021 Straight to Paramount + film Rumble!

πŸ€“ Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

This week on Comm Talk by Geek Devotions, Dallas and Celeste sit down with John to discuss Lovecraftian fiction. Through the natural discussion, however, they also discuss how to discern what's ok for a person to read and not read how to balance personal convictions and dangerous open doors.

πŸ“Ί Retro Rewind Podcast

Mr. Miyagi continues to train and watch out for hurting kids. And the RRP crew is trained to watch out for your time, so listen to find out if The Next Karate Kid is worth your time today.

🀩 Stunning and Brave

Chris introduces his kids to the Weird Al Classic, UHF, and has to deal with teenage romance. Nate get swarmed by the elderly. Sarah Palin is a democratic moron, Buddha was black, and wedding crucifixions might be the newest craze! Singing is problematic.

πŸ“š Untold Podcast

​Two astronauts almost become the first people to explore interstellar space.